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The BF took me to COSTA RICA!!!! We got up super early and headed out to the airport. By this time, I still didn’t know where we were going, but as soon as we got to the ticket counter I practically had an aneurysm when I found out that we were going to Costa Rica for 4 days! WOO HOO! Good bye crappy East Coast cold, HELLOOOOOO 80 degree Costa Rican sun!

We were headed to Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica which is on the Pacific side of the country. Both cities are right next to each other. The BF thought it was a perfect destination for our first trip to Costa Rica.

Three reasons to go to Quepos/Manuel Antonio:

Waterfall Rainforest

1. Rainforest: Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful rainforests in the world. We saw an amazing amount of wildlife from sloths to tiny neon green frogs. Many places offer hiking tours and canopy tours (ziplining). We also got to swim in a waterfall.

Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica beach

2. Beach: Quepos and Manuel Antonio is right on the Pacific side of the coast. The sand is lined with coconut trees filled with the cutest monkeys! One of the most beautiful beaches there is inside the Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s a $10US entry fee, however, it’s gorgeous. When I think of my happy place, it’s lying on the beach eating mangos and having crab races with The BF (who happens to be 6’1, 184 lbs and scared of holding a tiny hermit crab).


3. Tourist Comforts: To tell you the truth, I normally love the off-the-beaten path trips, but considering we only had 2 full days there (and 2 full days of travel) and I’ve been stressed out of my mind, I really wanted to relax. Quepos is filled up to the brim with tourists. Therefore, it has all the tourist comforts like resorts, English speaking hotel staff, imported beers, beach chair rentals, international food, including sushi (!), etc. I know, why go all the way over to Costa Rica only to never have to pull out a Spanish dictionary? Hell, for two days, I just wanted to lay on the beach and drink beer. TWO DAYS of uninterrupted relaxation! I didn’t even hear “Decision 2008 OBAMA or CLINTON?” once. It was wonderful. Although I feel slightly guilty saying that, I did only drink Costa Rican Beer.

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