It’s weird to see wildlife running around you. The only time I see wildlife these days are when I’m hoping a pigeon doesn’t crap on me and when I’m looking at the live fish tank at a Chinese seafood restaurant. (Note: a 1 gallon fish tank packed with 100 red snappers isn’t for decor.)

Anyhow, one of the coolest thing about Costa Rica is all the wacky wildlife we saw. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of a lot of it b/c those suckers are fast! Catching a picture of a tiny little black frog with neon green stripes is HARD.

Here are 3 of my favorite Costa Rican animals:


1. Iguana: So much cooler than seeing it in a heated aquarium at some smoked out college kid’s tiny apt smelling every bit as clean as the last week’s booger on your finger. This one had part of his tail growing.


2. Two-toed/Three-toed Sloth: These ugly little suckers are SO amazing. I wish that I could move a cm per hour and eat, sleep, and poop all day… all with a penthouse view of the beach.

Squirrel Monkey

3. Squirrel Monkeys: Costa Rica is full of these crazy little things. All over the National Park there are “Do not feed the monkey” signs. But honestly, The BF should be fed.


Honorable Mention- Crab: TONS of cute little crabs on the beach. I saw a lot more hermit crabs, but these little square cuties make you rethink that crab cake you had for lunch… at least until you get to dinner.

All these animals were in Manuel Antonio National Park. Although it’s one of the smallest national parks in CR, it is still gorgeous.

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