Source: The New York Times

The New York Times recently wrote a travel review about Berkeley, CA.

ANYONE who thinks that Berkeley is just a hotbed of political radicalism is in for a surprise. College Avenue, the town’s main drag, is packed with more hipsters with BlackBerrys than hippies with beards. The city’s revamped shops can compete label-to-label with SoHo’s sophisticated boutiques, and its restaurants match its bigger neighbor across San Francisco Bay. But the spirit of 1969 hasn’t completely gone away. Walk down Telegraph Avenue and along one block you’ll find activists for Free Tibet, patchouli-scented advocates of homeopathic medicine, and crusty purple-haired free-love followers, still eager to convert you to their cause… read more here

I loved a lot of their reviews and I’ll add my own 3 cents of “must go places because there’s nothing like this back at home!”

1. Telegraph Ave: One of the most eclectic places in all of the U.S. Full of boutiques and street vendors, Telegraph leads you right up to the UC Berkeley campus. If shopping doesn’t interest you, people watch and strike up a conversation with a local. You can easily talk politics to well educated homeless man in a cape, flip flops, and nothing else while standing in line for an organic vegan sandwich.


2. Top Dog: A tiny little one room hot dog shack, Top Dog is a quintessential Berkeley eatery. While you shout your order to the one man hot dog frying show, take a look at all the random stuff on the walls while deciding on whether or not you want saurkaurat on your dog. Recommended: Hot Link and Chicken Apple. 2534 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704

Source: Wikipedia

3. Lawrence Hall of Science: One of the highest views from the UC Berkeley campus, the Lawrence Hall of Science, allows for one of the best views of the Bay Area. Be wary of the fog that frequently rolls in the evening. Talk about a quick way to kill the perfect first date kiss…. not that I know from experience. 1 Centennial Dr, Berkeley, CA 94720

(Find more information about The Bay Area in the WanderRegions section of our site.)

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