Three green ways to go local while traveling:

1. Eat and Drink Locally: Why eat American-style meals where the ingredients probably had to be shipped overseas to your restaurant when you can eat local cuisines that were made with local ingredients. The produce will be fresher. Also, drink the local water if you can. I know, you don’t want the runs while you’re on vacation, Hell, I don’t want to sit next to you on the plane while you have the runs, but the amount of fuel emissions and un-recycled plastics as a result of your plastic water bottle is NOT SEXY. If you can, drink local water from a clean glass.

2. Walk, Bus, Bike around the neighborhoods: Once I walked walked 4 miles through 3 San Francisco neighborhoods and I was TIRED afterwards. BUT I explored multiple art galleries, took pictures of street graffiti, found the world’s best organic hipster homemade ice cream store, and the most beautiful cityscape view of San Francisco at sunset. Forget the car or the tour bus and skip the pollution and experience the neighborhoods!

3. House-swap or Couch surf: Ask your NYC friends if they’re going to be around for Thankgiving weekend (hopefully not!) or check Craigslist for home rentals. OR better yet sleep on someone’s couch (! Couch surfing is a global network that allows you to meet with a host family and sleep on their couch! From the reviews, it sounds like an adventurous and culturally exciting experience. These methods are more environmentally safe compared to staying at the hotels that use tons of cleaning detergents and energy.

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