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DC’s free local paper is the Washington City Paper. It’s not a bad paper despite it’s occasional hint of DC stiff collar opinions. This week, they came out with a reader-voted poll of the Best of DC.

Anyhow, I picked out a few things for out-of-towners (and a new DC transplant like me!) to visit:

Three of the best in DC:

1. Best View of the Potomac: Cow Hoof Rock- Past the impressive-but-crowded overlooks of Great Falls Park’s namesake on the Virginia side, and about a mile-and-a-half in on the River Trail, Cow Hoof Rock juts out more than 200 feet above the Potomac. This spot isn’t for anyone scared of heights or for the kids you want to keep. Read more here…

2. Best Jazz Club: Bohemian CavernLike jazz itself, Bohemian Caverns revels in its own history. It was opened in 1926 and despite the piano marquee at the entrance to the street-level restaurant, the unmarked door to the basement club practically screams “speak-easy.” Read more here…

3. Best Half-Smoke: Ben’s Chili Bowl: Half the experience is just about sitting in this cramped, smoky, and noisy space, which drips as much history as grease. The other half is about the smoky, salty, spicy sausage itself, which makes a mockery of all those pretenders peddled from downtown street carts. Which half makes the half-smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl the best around? Read more here…

On a side note, my coworkers and I recently found out that Russell Crowe shot a scene outside of Ben’s Chili Bowl, which is a local landmark here. If he didn’t throw a phone at someone there… then I’m down to try it.

(Find more information about the Washington DC in the WanderRegions section of our site.)

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