This week I traveled to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA ( the bedrock of the conservative movement where Ronald is king, Nancy is queen, and tax cuts are his mistresses. Sales tax here is only 5 %, so they practice what they preach. Here are my three sheets of wisdom about the library:

1. It’s not really a library: I’m sure they have books and manuscripts but it’s more of a museum to entertain middle school kids and your parents with Republican regalia. The first thing you notice is the huge bronze statue of Reagan dressed like a cowboy. Great place to snap a memorable photo with one of the best presidents ever. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera.

2. Bizarre: Strangest exhibit was the collection of Nancy Reagan’s wardrobe, like her dresses and coats, worn by these bald generic mannequins. The mannequins should have looked like Nancy; at least that way we can place the clothes with the person. A sea of Nancy Reagans, so to speak.

3. Air Force One: the main reason for going to the library. Not a replica; it’s the actual one used during the ’70’s-’80’s. You can go inside and see all the computers, the presidential lounge, and the seat for the guy strapped to the “football,” aka the briefcase holding the codes to initiate a nuclear strike. This was so because in case of a nuclear attack by the Soviets while the President was flying, the President could then counterattack with a nuclear missle of his own without ever having to land. Smart!

40 Presidential Drive Simi Valley, California 93065. Main Phone: 800-410-8354

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