Barbados, one of the furthest Caribbean islands from the US, is amazing with its deep blue beaches, friendly people, and lush forests. Personally, I thought I died and gone to heaven. I can’t imagine a more wonderful island that’s only 166 sq miles and has it’s own beer brewery (Banks Beer) and rum factory (Mount Gay Rum)!

I found that after doing all sorts of activities at Barbados, that this slow sleepy island is more of a destination for lovers aching to sunbathe and do backstrokes in the fish-filled beaches… not party and bar hop. That shouldn’t hinder you from doing those activities, but I wouldn’t suggest taking more than a day or two away from the waters since I didn’t feel like the stuff we saw was worth the hassles.

But if you do…

Three ways to get around Barbados:

1. Rent a Car: Just as long as you have a drivers license and over 21, you can rent a car in Barbados. Note that people drive on the left side, which can be unnerving for us, Americans. It’s amazing how hard it is to convince your brain to look RIGHT, first, then left. Can people be ambi-transporters???? My ex, who I went with, was not someone who easily melded to this change and was frazzled for the few hours that we had the car. Let’s just say, what was meant to be a wonderful two-day drive through the lushes mountains of Barbados was cut to a 3 hour spin and 1 day argument. If your sig other sucks at stress, walk. PS: Hubcaps tend to disappear, so be wary.

2. Cosy up to an old lady on the ZRs (pronounced Zed-Rs): The ZRs are mini buses that race down the narrow streets with no real caution towards running over the tourists. It costs $1.50 BBD to take it and you can jump on from one of the many bus stops lining the streets. Word of warning, if you’re expecting AC luxury, stop. You won’t even get a seat belt and the drivers are free to pack the 8 seater bus with 16 people smushed up together in 96 degree heat. I had a pleasant conversation with an old Bajan woman who was probably nearing 107 years old. She spoke to me about something in muttered incoherent Bajan and I said OH? REALLY? never understanding a word she said. Live up to the experience.

3. Taxi: they’re in every city and they cost a lot. Luckily, there aren’t too many places to go to in Barbados that a ZR can’t take you or the hotel shuttle.

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