There’s a corner of the United States that is unlike any other part – Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a city made almost entirely of adobe buildings like the one above. It’s like someone stopped time in this area of the world… and turn it into a tourist town where the Native Americans sell little jewelery and art pieces. Nonetheless, there are lots to experience here and this is my list:

1. Everything Native American – If you’ve never met a Native American before, this is the place to see them. Besides the adobe buildings, you’ll see lots of Native Americans around town. There are a lot of art galleries displaying Native American art as well as other earthy-type art. During the day, there’s a row of Native Americans sitting on the ground in front of the oldest public building in the United States selling their own collection of little art and jewelery pieces. If you rent a car and drive out away from town, you can see some modern day reservations. They’re not any better than what you would imagine old Native American reservations to be.

2. Historic Dwellings – In State Parks, you’ll find the remains of what used to be large Native American tribes living in the ground or on the side of mountains. It’s actually pretty amazing to see how small their ‘houses’ were, and how people can live inside of cave-like structures. Makes you realize that your studio apartment with AC and washer and dryer isn’t really a bad deal. But hey, they did have free rent.

3. City of Rocks – Again, you have to drive out of Sante Fe to the middle of nowhere for this, but it’s pretty cool to look at, especially if you’re a fan of nature films on the discovery channel. I’ve always wondered who would ever go out to the middle of nowhere to see things like this until I went there and looked around… I think they’re all people who have said the same thing at some point. No really, these are pretty cool. Bring water and sunblock.

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