When I travel, I usually like to check out some local scenes. You know, after I’m done with my city-wide tour of visiting all things in my guide book and quick bout of food poisoning. I’ve found that the best way to do this stuff is to talk to locals before hand who have some interesting must-see- tidbits. For Bangkok, Thailand, my friend directed me to Three eclectic things to do in Bangkok:

(Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk)

1. Haggle at Chatuchak (J.J.) Weekend Market: Imagine the world’s best flea market. Then times that by a zillion and add in a zoo. Almost anything you can think of is for sale at the biggest market in Bangkok (is 15,000 stalls big enough for you?). Looking for a monkey for your mom’s 53 birthday? Sure! Over there! Want a pretty little crafty present for your kid? 2 for $5 over there! Do you want to hug a crocodile, name it George, and then set it off to be your own DIY home security system? NO JOKE. Over there. From masks to local art to exotic animals, this place is the Costco of fleamarkets. Of course, remember that all things can be bargained down. 9.00am to 6.00pm on Saturday and Sunday , Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand\

(Images by Jeera)

2. Get tattooed by a holy man, Ajarn Hnuu Ganpai: Angelina Jolie got two tattoos from Ajarn Hnuu Ganpai and that should be reason enough for you to get one too. JK. If you’re not scared of getting tattoo by a Buddhist holy man holding the world largest needle without a sanitation license, do it here. It hurts like a mofo but the tattoo is a spiritual process with the Buddhist monk inscripting holy sutras and Thai warriors on your body. Note that there are sanitary precautions taken, but it’s definitely not sterilization on American standards. Take a Thai-speaking friend. My friend was initially quoted for $1,200, but after the tattoo artist found out that he was Thai, he knocked it down to $120. Hmmm…. 95/5 MOO.1 Tumbol Bangkayang, Ampur Muang, Patumtani, Thailand 12000. Tel.0-2975-2799

(Image by Jeera)

3. Place a bet on a Mauy Thai kickboxing match: Matches go one all year round. Ask around to find out when the next big match is. Typically on the weekends, you can go to Lumpinee or Rajadamnern stadium and place a bet against thousands of other yelling betters. Of course, grab a beer from a wandering vendor. He may try to sell you a bottle for 100 baht, but the typical charge is 80. So buy a cold one, place your bet, and watch some of the world’s strongest kickboxers! Good luck! . Rajadamnern stadium- No.1 Rajadamnern Nok Rd. Pomprob, Bangkok 10100. Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sunday after 6:30. / Lumpinee Stadium- Rama IV Road, Bangkok. Ticket Prices: 200, 1,000, 1,500 Baht (ringside) Tues, Fri, Sat after 6:30pm.

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