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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with watching Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Being a good Asian daughter that didn’t fight (too much) when my parents put food on my plate, I can pretty much eat almost anything. I USE TO say that I’m willing to eat anything, but after watching Bizarre Foods and No Reservations, I can safely say that there is a limit to what I am willing to eat. Yes, the white men on TV are more adventurous than I am. Sure, I love a good grilled chicken heart skewer in Beijing and will chow down on some pig intestine at dim sum in Hong Kong, but there’s no way I’m going to eat A LIVE BEATING BLOODY HEART freshly cut from a HISSING SNAKE at the side of your table. Check the Travel Channel’s cable listing to find out when these shows are on.

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But, besides eating organs freshly ripped from animals put on my dinner plate, I think that trying new foods is the best part of traveling. Even a bad food experience makes for a great story. Did I ever tell you that time a sweaty smoking man stirred stew with his right hand and ashed his cigarrette into the cauldron with his left? Oh I didn’t? It’s probably because it’s not that interesting… huh?

Three of the craziest things I’ve ever eaten on vacation:

1. Snake soup in Taiwan: Now remember, I said I wouldn’t eat a bloody beating snake heart… didn’t say i wouldn’t eat snake stew. I had it at Snake Alley, a Taiwan night market. The whole time I slurped my soup down, dead snakes marinading in jars surrounded me and hissing, “Dood, add some vinegar!”. Apparently, different snake organs can provide medicinal remedies. What does this mean? Referenced in the New York Times, snake bile is good for vision. So much for lasik. Snake Alley, Huashi Street Taipei 108 Taiwan

2. Beef Tartare in Paris: Now, eating ground beef isn’t that exciting, but when it’s a lb of raw ground beef fresh from the grinder with a raw quail egg cracked on top… well, that’s just salmonella parrrr-tay waiting to happen. I’m definitely a foodie and always willing to try something new, but… I just couldn’t do it. Pass the me the fish heads and sea cucumbers anyday… raw beef, HELLS NO. If you’d like to try, it’s served in many restaurants in Paris with a side of fries. Good luck!

3. Ice in a glass of coke from a fountain in China: Dood, just because an American-style restaurant in China looks like a TGIFridays, don’t trust the water! EVER. Let’s just say that for three weeks after, there was a party in my stomach and a post party in the toilet everyday.

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