When the first movie ended, I’m sure you thought to yourself: “next movie with be Harold and Kumar running around high as a kite in Amsterdam.” So when the new movie came out, I was confused as to why they did a movie about Guantanamo Bay. Well, without giving the whole movie away, I’ll just say that Amsterdam is a part of the movie, although not enough in my opinion. WanderLust Dave has a lot to say about Amsterdam I’m sure, but here’s my contribution, mainly for first time visitors.

1. People are friendlier than you would think – I’m not sure if it’s the local herbs or the fact that people are there for fun, but for an European city, I thought the people were pretty friendly in general. If you’ve ever stayed in the Flying Pigs hostel, you know what I mean. For those who are beyond youth hostels, just try talking to people in coffee shops, real ones included. You’ll be surprised at how friendly people are considering that the city is full of tourists… Or maybe they just assume that everyone is high anyways…

Ann Frank’s House

2. The city’s public transportation closes earlier than you would think – For a city with legal marijuana and the home of Heineken, you would think that the public transportation would stay open till way past midnight. When you’re in the central of the city around midnight and your hotel is out in the museum area, get on the train back to the hotel or have money to pay for a taxi or else risk walking home alone in the rain for 2 miles without knowing where you are going. Trust me, it’s not fun.

In case of fire

3. The red light district is more touristy than you would think – If you’re shy about going to the red light district (for whatever reason), don’t be. There are actually a lot of jaw-dropped tourists walking around at night amongst all the high horny high schoolers. They pretty much view the entire space as something out of a movie, and the mood in the area is very lively in the early part of the night. The area has a lot of restaurants and bars full of people. But it really does come alive only at night so you have to go there then, and if you lose track of time, remember my fact #2 and bring a map.

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