This past weekend, The BF and I headed out to Baltimore, Maryland for some crab cakes and oysters! Although, Baltimore isn’t typically a place I’d think to spend a family week-long vacation at, I would recommend it as a day trip if you’re interested in visiting the house of a dead writer who needed a Costco-sized bottle of Prozac, devouring the BIGGEST mountainous crab cake in the world, and paying $25 to visit a big fish tank.

Three places to visit in Baltimore (with an optional 4th):

1. Edgar Allan Poe’s House: His very small 5 room brick house is easy to miss. After driving in a questionable urban neighborhood and getting lost once, we finally found the signs pointing to his house. The house is attached and situated on the corner of a government public housing development. It’s actually connected to the “Poe Homes” project. It’s on a tiny one way street and the sign is pretty small, so look out for a black antique street lamp right in front… and the possible police car chilling outside. As advised on the Poe Society website, be careful when parking your car and keep all valuables out of sight. Call ahead to check what time they open b/c their hours can be unpredictable. 203 Amity Street , Baltimore, MD. Adults $3, Children under 13 free.

2. Lexington Market: After a quick jot in Poe’s ‘hood, we headed over to the “World Famous” Lexington Market for some crab cakes and seafood. A lively indoor seafood/food market for locals and out of towners, the Lexington Market isn’t about frills. On the weekends, live jazz music beats throughout the market air and Baltimore locals jam together and catch up. After reading tons of reviews about the best crab cakes in Baltimore, we decided on Faidley’s. For $12, I got the biggest all-lump crab cake I’ve ever seen. It was just enough to share for two people and still taste test other vendors. As gluttony would have it, we slurped down a few oysters and scarfed down a hot link sausage. Uhhh, can we say… Pepto Bismo? 400 W. Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

3. National Aquarium: After killing our stomachs with everything fried and seafood and randomness, we drove to the other side of town where all the yuppies reside to the National Aquarium. Right on the pier, the Aquarium is a beautiful glass building with the longest admissions lines queued up outside. We bought tickets only to find out that we had to enter at our appointed admissions time. To tell you the truth, if you’ve been to either the Monterey or Long Beach museum in CA, this aquarium is pretty unexciting in comparison. 501 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202. Adults $21.95, Children under 11 $12.95

We didn’t make it to the Baltimore Museum of Art but it’s FREE! 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218

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