So I’ve decided to take a trip to Taiwan with my dad. Our flights are booked and my stomach bowels are filled with anxiety (like the kind from a 3-day old bean burrito left in the sun). I figured that there won’t be too many chances that I can take a trip just with my dad. I’m really excited, but I’m pretty nervous too.

Anticipated conversation for 18 of the 20 days we’ll be with each other (2 days lost to time change):

1. I think you should get married this year.”

“What? No, let’s just enjoy watching grandma sleep in front of the tv.”

“No, seriously. You’re getting old.”

2. “What? I’m not that old. Let’s go eat at that noodle place”

“Your mom had you and your brother by the time she was your age… blah blah blah. You can’t wait that long to have kids.”

“But I’m working on my career! Do you have the map?”

3. Speaking of which… what are you doing about that? and are you still a Democrat?”

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