The Emerald City as it’s known, Seattle is indeed very green, although the question of whether it’s a jewel depends upon with whom you speak. I personally think it’s a pretty chill place and not overwhelming (but I wouldn’t call it underwhelming as some have said). I think it depends on where you come from. If you’re from a small city, I bet Seattle is a great place. If you’re from a bigger city, then Seattle is just a smaller version of San Francisco. Nonetheless, the home of Starbucks is worth a day trip at the very least. Here’s my version of a fun filled day (and try to go during summer).

1. Pike Place Market – This is an area where a lot of people gather to buy food, snacks and yes, fish. If you’ve seen some commercials or shows where people throw fish, this is it. If you pick out a fish, they’ll throw it at the person in the back and he’ll clean and pack it for you. It’s not very big but draws a decent crowd. The market also has a lot of flowers and other decent food places to grab a snack or a full meal. And, of course, it’s the home of the original Starbucks. If you’ve ever seen the original logo, you’ll notice that it’s different than the current green one. The original one is brown and shows more of the mermaid lady, who is not wearing any clothes. That’s probably why they cut off the logo to what it is now. Nearby is also the Seattle aquarium if you’re interested in that. 1501 Pike Pl. Seattle, WA

2. Space Needle – This is really to get the best view of the entire city and area. I know that smart travelers would avoid tourist traps similar to this, but you can always just not buy anything cheesy and enjoy the view. There are also a few museums in the surrounding block (click on the map and get a closer view on “B”) so it’s not just a short up, down and gone. And if you’re up for an entire meal, there is a restaurant up there to enjoy the view some more. Again, going on a nice sunny day would be great because being that high up with windy/rainy conditions just isn’t all that fun. 400 Broad St., Seattle, WA

3. Pioneer Square – I picked this area to end the day, even though you are going back past the Pike Market, because it’s got more of a night scene with restaurants and bars. In typical Seattle un-overwhelming fashion, this is another chill place to walk around and window shop. There are some art galleries around as well as parks, you know… laid back activities. Or, go check out the Mariners play some baseball and eat sushi at the ballpark. Be sure to make time to find parking or just park at one of the garages listed on their website.

btw, I found it weird that Seattle has some noticeable car washes. How do they stay in business 9 months out of the year?

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