Finally! It’s as if the techy gods have heard all my bitching and complaining about uploading pictures! One of my biggest pet peeves is coming back from a trip and having to upload 200 pictures of every crazy picture I took. Eye-fi is a 2 gig WIRELESS memory card for your camera! Basically, you take pictures and it automatically uploads to your computer or photo web-hosting site (ie: Flickr, Costco, etc). Did i say that it’s WIRELESS and AUTOMATIC????

Three Cool Features that make me WANT THIS!!!!!:

1. Automatic Uploads: Uhhhhh, did I mention that it’s WIRELESS and it AUTOMATICALLY uploads your pictures? You just download the software into your home computer and then pop in the 2 GB wireless card into your camera.

2. Supporting websites: Unlike lots of other cool techy stuff that require you to upload their hosting sites, Eye-Fi is very friendly with other sites: BlueString,, dotphoto, facebook, flickr, Fotki, Gallery2, Kodak Gallery, phanfare, Photobucket, Picasa Web Albums, RitzPix, Sharpcast, Shutterfly, SmugMug, snapfish, TypePad, VOX, Wal-Mart, webshots, and Windows Live. YAY! I always hate it when I have dl yet ANOTHER stupid application to my laptop.

3. Free and Unlimited Photo Uploads: Man, I just discovered that Flickr capped me at 200 photos. I love flickr and I appreciate that it’s a free service, but dang it! I got more than 200 photos!!!! So, I definitely appreciate it when Eye Fi offers FREE and unlimited photo uploads. Thanks!

I can’t wait til Xmas when I ask for this!! Suggested retail price $99.

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