So I’m going to be driving in Europe in a few days, and in order to do so I need an international license, or a international driving permit (IDP). I’m a bit apprehensive about driving in a foreign countries, but its the Autobahn!!!! So remember, ‘Don’t be a loser. If you’re not first, you’re last.’

Here’s what I learned about the process in getting an int’l license:

1. The actual international license is simply a ‘translator’ for your US License.
It essentially explains in multiple languages that you have a valid license and you’re not crazy when you drive. Its not legal document. Check out the pics below to see the wonderful translations.

2. Go to AAA.
That’s the easiest way to get your license. Its a $15 fee and a very quick process. Took about 15-20 minutes. I believe you’re not required to be a AAA member (but you should check on that or get on it) And since you’re there, you can also snap up some maps of the countries you intend to drive in!

3. Bring your passport photos, driver license and your passport.
Well, for passport photos its not required but it’ll cost you an extra $10 to take photos at AAA. Which isn’t bad, simply because not all of us have readily available passport photo-sized pictures of us; or you might if you still have your high school dance pictures. Recommended: Costco Photo Center $4.99 at some locations

It shows the date its issued and is valid for up to one year from the date of issue

Example of the different languages. Who needs a translator anyways!

The listing of countries that recognize this permit. I guess I should plan my next trip around driving somewhere!

The mug shot. Make sure you get the cool stamped ‘AAA’ logos. The AAA lady was very careful about making sure it had exactly three stamps. Not sure what the significance is really…perhaps the license to go fast.

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