Last time 8 of my friends and I went to New York City, we sent out about 100 emails trying to plan our itinerary. Thank goodness Gmail automatically files them for you! To tell you the truth, by about 10 “reply-alls” into the day, I started skimming emails and finally I stopped reading them. (sorry guys!) Not that I didn’t care, but it was just tedious having to click through and read all of them. Yes, I’m THAT person.

I recently read about Doodle, an online poll that users can create and send to their friends… Doodle! where were you 73 emails ago??? It’s a really simple website with a few quick and easy steps. No sexy flashy colors, no frills, and best of all no signing up for an account!

Three simple ways to use Doodle to plan your next trip:

1. Schedule an event: Do I look like your secretary? Seriously, sometimes I just want to RIP MY HAIR OUT, regrow it, THEN RIP IT OUT AGAIN, whenever I’m trying to schedule days people are free. One of Doodle’s features lets you poll your friends to find out what day and time works best for them. I’m ready to schedule a margarita hour. Are you free? Don’t tell me, just take the Doodle poll.

2. Schedule days and time: What do you peoples want to do??? Another feature lets you poll your friends to see what they want to do on your trip. “Oh, I don’t care”, “Whatever”, “It’s up to you”… OH MY FREAKEN GOD! Whenever I hear that that’s around the time I take out my guide book and cry salty margarita tears into it. With this feature, you can poll TONS of people and actually get an answer.

3. The Doodle Minimalist: When I first saw this site, I actually laughed at how minimal it is. I’m so use to bright colors and pictures and all sorts of crazy, sexy, cool things to flash in front of me. And, c’mon, there’s only 2-steps to create a poll. Then, you just forward the link Doodle generates for you to your friends. You do it all through your own email. You don’t even have to import your address book into doodle. What? NO FREE USER SIGN UP? Who are you Doodle? You’re site is WAY too user friendly and you don’t even want to know my the name of my first pet? What about my mother’s maiden name? I’m still in shock how easy it is to use. Try it out! Doodle:

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