American Airlines announced Wednesday that passengers must pay $15 to check in the first bag. After which, it’s $25 for the second and $100 for the third and fourth. Elite frequent fliers and passengers who pay the full ticket price are exempt from the $15 service fee. Click here for the other lucky ducks who don’t have to pay.

1. $15 for 1st checked luggage

2. $25 for 2nd checked luggage

3. $100 for 3rd and 4th

I can imagine the future now… Excuse me AA, can I have a hot towel? HA! use the toiletpaper your spork came in. Could I get a glass of water before takes off? HA! Treat yourself to some toilet water at the back of the cabin. But remember, it’s a federal offense to form a line for the restroom. It’ll be $20 to use the restroom. I hope you have good bladder control.

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