by Roy

(Happy 125th Birthday, Brooklyn Bridge!)

Dr. Beach” comes out with the 2008 list of the best beaches in the US. Florida beats out Hawaii? Who knew?

American Airlines might dupe us into paying more, but don’t be tricked by hotels anymore. Travel and Leisure shows you what to look out for when looking at your hotel bill.

Heading to Beijing for the games? Budget Travel‘s complied some great articles on what to know before you go.

Travel and Leisure‘s 2008 IT list of the best hotels around the world is out in their June issue. But you can read about it online.

Thinking about buying a timeshare? Better read this Yahoo article: Is it Worth buying a timeshare? and start doing your research before you make the jump.

It’s hard being 6 feet tall and being cramped in a tiny seat on an airplane for 6 hours. Aviation and Airfare Watch Dog provide a list of all the air carriers that do/don’t charge for a exit row seat.

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