Right before my mom went on her 6 month long trip to India, I bought her a pair of shoes. She had a very specific request for what kind of shoes she wanted. 1.) Since she was going to frequent monasteries where shoes aren’t permitted, she wanted something that she could slip on and off easily. 2.) She wanted to have the option to wear socks or not to wear socks (sorry flip flops). 3.) They must be very comfortable. Finally, and most importantly, 4.) they had to be CUTE!

It got me thinking about the importance of a good pair of travelin’ shoes. Of course, there are different shoes for different occasions, but for this entry, we’ll focus on shoes needed for extensive walking.

Three different types of travelin’ shoes:

1. The Walking Company: Now, I’m definitely a shoe gal. But I’ve passed this place lots of times without the thought of entering. Why? Well, anywhere that sells walking sticks can’t be useful for a city gal like me, right? Wellllllllllllllllllllllll, it turns out, this was the perfect store to buy my mom her shoes! She bought the exact pair pictured. A year later and a bazillion miles on her shoes later, she still loves her shoes! They carry a variety of comfort shoes are are made specifically for travelers. AND, they have some pretty cute stuff! Prices can be kind of high, but I’ve worn some uncomfortable shoes which have completely ruined my trip before and I’m a big believer in paying a little more for happy toes. Noat- Matai $154.95

2. KEEN Arroyo Hiking Shoes: Is it a sandal? Is a hiking shoe? Are you serious about wearing this? Personally, I think this is a pretty ugly shoe. But! It’s not the world’s ugliest shoe. While I was in Costa Rica, I noticed a lot of people sporting these. It wasn’t until our van got stuck in a ditch in a creek in the rain forest did I realize how practical these shoes were. While I was waiting for them to figure out how to lift a van out of a creek, I fell into the creek and ended up with soaking wet sneakers. A lady walked by in these ugly shoes. She smiled and said: “I love these shoes”. Um… yeaaaa… [insert inexplicit]. Anyhow, they ensure that the Aegis Microbe shield will keep out the funk and if that isn’t enough, they’re machine washable. $79.99-$100 at Amazon

3. Espadrilles: Okay, sure, they’re not tennis shoes, but a good pair of espadrilles can be pretty comfortable! They’re sturdy and relatively flat and very sexy while doing city explorations. They can also be dressed up and dressed down. Don’t risk walking into a bar or lounge in Florida with your muddy tennis shoes! *Gasp* Prices vary.

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