In June, I’m going to be heading out to Yosemite National Park for a few days of wildernessy fun. We’ll be driving up from Los Angeles, which really makes me nervous about the cost of gas. Gas is expensive!!!

I recently came across AAA’s new Fuel Cost Calculator that can calculate how much it’ll cost you in gas when you plug in your start/end locations and car make/model. AMAZING. Overeducated Brain, you are becoming more and more obsolete everyday.

So I popped in my information: Los Angeles, CA to Yosemite National Park, CA. Honda 2004 Accord and BAM! 608 miles r/t = $83.72. Between 5 people, that isn’t going to be too bad at all.

Out of curiosity, I found out that, for the same trip, a 2008 Prius would’ve cost $55.82 and a Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup 4wd would cost $228.34. Insane.

It’s great information to know if you’re deciding whether road trip, take the bus/train, or fly.

During my research, I also found some great techy ways to find the cheapest gas near you:

1. Gas Buddy ( This is a volunteer site where people report gas prices near them. One of their coolest features is their mobile site which allows you to check what the prices are on your phone via internet.

2. MapQuest Gas Prices ( Another website that provides a map with pinpoints showing you the gas prices around you.

3. GetMobio ( A free mobile application service. It allows you to download a gas price application to any cell phone (no web service necessary) and it present to you the cheapest gas stations in your area.

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