Just when you thought that you had the worst airline story ever, the here’s a story that will just make you laugh and pray that it never happens to you.

A New York lawyer is planning on suing Delta Airlines for $1 million dollars. Over the Christmas season, he planned a family trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina to celebrate his mother’s 80th birthday in her native Argentina. Once they got to Atlanta, the gate agent wouldn’t let him, his wife, son, daughter, mother on board, despite the fact that the planes doors were open and seats were available (reported by his cousin inside the plane).

He then had to spend 2 nights in Atlanta, fly the whole family to Miami, without their baggage b/c Delta LOST THEM, then spend one night Miami before they could take a flight to Argentina with another airline. The whole time, he claims that the ticket agents were rude and inhospitable: When Roth asked the agent to speak to the pilot, he replied, “The pilot is not in charge here. I am. All the pilot does is fly the plane.”

Delta had promised to send their baggage to where ever they were staying in Argentina, but he ended up having to drive out to the airport in BA and looking for it himself.

He’s suing for $21,000 for out of pocket expenses, $275,000 in emotional distress, and wants 3 times that amount in punitive damages.

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