Portland, Oregon is well known for its lush, green Pacific Northwest landscape. But did you know that Portland, OR is also considered the Microbrew capital of the America? Microbrews, popular in Portland, are breweries that produce a limited amount of beer. In Portland, they painstakingly continue to refine their craft beers (beers that produced without adjuncts and cater towards the local style rather than the masses) in order to maintain their proud beer master title. So after a day of sight-seeing and nature hugging, Portland visitors should definitely take the time to enjoy the local brew.

How to drink your heart into Portland’s Microbrews:

1. Know where to go: There are many website that are dedicated to Portland’s brewpubs and bars. A few great sites I found were Pubcrawler and Oregon Beer Guild. The Tug Boat Brewing Company, in Downtown Portland, offers a great selection of beers. A small hole in the wall mom and pop brewpub, they brew all their beers on site. Although it’s not the snazziest of places, it’s a cozy spot to unwind and listen to great music (suggested: Chernobyl Stout). The Oregon Beer Guild offers a variety of tours and is the local know it all on Portand Beer. The Portland Beer offers all sorts of information on beer, breweries, and events. Check out what’s going on the weekend you’re there. Tug Boat Brewing Company: 711 SW Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97205

2. The Pearl District: A newer urban development plan, the Pearl District is a great place to spend an evening. Start off at the Bridgeport Brewpub, Oregon’s oldest Craft Brewery, and peruse it’s wide selection in a sleek modern restaurant located in the Pearl District. It’s always a great idea to start off with a sampler and narrow down a pint from there. If you’re planning a night of beerpub hopping, I would always recommend starting off somewhere nice, like the Bridgeport, and then move down to the dive bars. Because seriously, after a few great craft beers, you’ll probably have a hard time remembering where you’re at anyway. Rogue Ales Public House is another great place to visit. The beer prices are slightly higher than average, so don’t forget to apply for membership to Rogue Nation, which gives you 10% off. (Suggested: Mocha Porter) Bridgeport Brewpub: 1313 NW Marshall St. Portland, OR 97209. Rogue: 1339 NW Flanders St. Portland, OR 97209.

3. Beer festivals: Sure, everyone’s been to an Oktoberfest, but Portland locals have MULTIPLE beer festivals all-year-round. So if pub hopping isn’t for you, then consider visiting around any of these great festivals.

Portland-Oregon-Magazine has a great list of microbrews you can visit:

Southwest Portland
Full Sail Brewing
The Fulton Pub
Old Market Pub and Brewery Raccoon Lodge
Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant
Tugboat Brewing Company

Northwest Portland
Bridgeport Brewpub
McMenamins Tavern
Mission Theatre and Pub
Portland Brewing Company Taproom & Grill
The Ram’s Head
Rogue Ales Public House
Southeast Portland Brew Pubs
The Bagdad Theatre & Pub
The Barley Mill
Bridgeport Ale House
Hedge House
The Horse Brass Pub
Lucky Labrador Brewing Company
Mickey Finns Brew Pub
Philadelphia Steaks and Hoagies

North Portland
Alameda Brewing Company
Conordia Brewery
The Laurelwood
St. Johns Pub
Widmer Brothers Gasthaus

Vancouver Washington
Hazel Dell Brewpub
Salmon Creek Brewery
(all pictures via Karen)

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