I’m notoriously bad for under-packing when I go on trips. Maybe it’s a reaction to other people over-packing; maybe it’s just me being lazy. But when it comes to packing my Digital SLR camera; I think I’ve got it down to an art.

Tips on packing your camera:

  1. You can’t take it all: As much as you want to carry a full tripod and every single lens in your arsenal, this simply isn’t going to happen. Instead, choose one or two lenses (I pack my 50mm f/1.4 for low light and a 17-40mm) that you know you’re going to use the most and limit yourself to that. Instead of carrying your full 3-way tilt tripod, consider a mono-pod or mini-tripod that can fit in your bag.
  2. Pack modularly: I have a larger Crumpler bag that fits almost all my gear for a certain trip. In this bag is another smaller bag that can fit just the camera and mounted lens. The Crumpler stays in the hotel/car/tent while the little bag get carried around town with just the camera and some batteries.
  3. Know when you’re beat: 30 hike through water? 120 mile ride? Sometimes the best moments are best captured in our memories. What’s put my camera-less anxiety to rest is knowing that you’ll always have the image in your brain. Or until you get Alzheimer’s.
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