Part I: Go Taiwan Go!

Seriously, when I was doing my research on Taiwan High Speed Rail, or THSR, I never thought it would be as awesome and efficient as it is!

Tips on taking the High Speed Rail:

1. THSR Free Shuttle Bus: From Taipei airport, you can take a shuttle to the High Speed Rail station. The bus says free, but I paid $30 ntd ($1USD) for the ride.

2. Tickets: You can buy tickets on the automated ticket issuing thing and you can also buy tickets from the ticket counter. That’s not that interesting, but what’s good to know is that there are two different types of tickets: Reserved seats and a “non-reserved” seat. A non-reserved seat, on cars 9-11, are on a first come first serve basis, so get in line early! These are popular tickets since they’re approximately 20% off the regular price. Also, weekday tickets are slightly cheaper than weekend tickets.

3. Hungry? Don’t worry about being fined for eating on a train. Since this is a privately funded transportation system, they really take pride in the upkeep. Not only can you eat on a immaculately clean train, you can also buy boxed lunches and hot coffee from the stewardess pushing carts down the aisle.

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