(Paris: Fries INSIDE sandwich… TASTY!!! but bad for the waist)

I love traveling, but I hate the actual traveling part. Mostly I hate that my normal eating habits go out the door and I end up scrounging airports for healthy meals.

Airrports filled with fast food joints and bars with sweet melting tasty pizza can really add 5 lbs to me even before I get to my destination. Once when I got off a plane in Atlanta, I saw a long line queued up in front of Popeyes. What’s wrong with that? OHHH, it was about 6am. So, whenever I’m traveling through airports and airplanes, I have these little eating guidelines I stick to:

What to eat when you’re traveling:

1. Eat light: Avoid all the heavy stuff and buy a fruit bowl, a grilled chicken salad, or a light sandwich that doesn’t involve melting cheese over steaming meat. Why? Although it might TASTE a lot better to have a Big Mac and fries, all the sodium intake will… well, blow you up until you’re bloated face doesn’t resemble your passport picture. Plus, the fried foods not only make you queasier than hell on take off, but it’s just plain bad for you. Oh fried goodness, why are you so good but so bad? Get your fruits and veggies in while you can. If you’re like me, you probably won’t eat too much fiber while on the road.

2. Drink lots of water and take your vitamins: Why get sick while on vacation? Plus, water will alleviate that massive headache you’re about to get when your plane gets delayed for the 3rd time. I hate that they make you throw your water out at the security gates, but since I drink water like a camel, I won’t hesitate to buy one inside the terminal. Yes, you can buy water once you get pass the gates AND you can bring it on board the plane. Besides, all the high altitude = dry skin = wrinkles. Drink more water and save yourself from pre-mature wrinkles. Also, vitamins save you from a catching a cold on vacation.

(Image from Asian Food Grocer)

3. Pack your own ramen: And after the first two health rants tips, I’m going to completely go back on it and tell you… pack your own ramen. I’ll save my airplane food reviews for another time, but I’ve had some pretty nasty food on airplanes (United, Taca). I end up eating the little dinner roll and picking off any veggies that didn’t touch the mystery gravy under the mystery-er meat. Now, I’ve learned to pack my own ramen. Bring the kind of ramen that comes in it’s own bowl. Most flight attendants won’t deny you hot water.

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