It’s about 2:42am right now in Los Angeles and I’ve been counting sheep for the last 2 hours… Counting sheep and tomatoes and french bread and other things that I need to buy at the grocery tomorrow. There’s nothing worse than having jet lag when you come back from vacation. Except, of course, if you’re on a 12 hour flight seated next to a pair of horney teenagers who are on their first school trip overseas.

I thought I’d introduce myself to the Wanderus world since I stopped thinking about my grocery list and moved on to cross comparing the cost of tomatoes in Taiwan to LA to DC. (Why are tomatoes so freaken expensive??) Anyhow, I’m Wanderaaahh. It’s my super secret pseudonym for the just-in-case-work googles me and finds out that I actually spend my nights blogging about traveling and not doing some sort of analysis of their bottom line. What? Wanderaaahh? You don’t care? No, sir, I actually couldn’t give a hairy monkey’s balls about your bottom line between the hours of 6pm-8am. But on those hours that I am at work, YES SIR. Coffee? Right away! My dignity? Of course!

Truth’s out. If I could be traveling, I would. I even got lasik done just to get through security faster. Take that Homeland Security! I have no 3-oz liquid containers in a clear ziplock bag! Don’t let anyone tell you that lasik is painless. Would I compare it to a stab wound? Probably not, but definitely some really sucky discomfort for a day followed by mental panic attacks about the possibility of permanently losing your vision b/c your doctor MIGHT HAVE twitched during the procedure or you DIDN”T look directly at the little red light enough. WHAT IF. But all that was worth not having to go to a tiny drug store in Costa Rica looking for solution b/c sand flew into your eyes in the most beautiful beach in the world. Whoa. Talk about digressing.

Anyhow, I’m currently in my late-twenties searching for my soul-purpose in life, only finding out that YES. fried stuff in any country is still as tasty as you’d think. Happiness in my tummy and cellulite in my thighs. It’s a good life. I was born in Los Angeles and spent a good part of my twenties in the SF Bay Area. I currently live in DC where I discovered that not everyone wears flip flops all year round. No kidding, huh?

What I like the most about traveling is learning about new cultures and having new experiences. Great generic line, huh? Okay, I also enjoy playing diarrhea roulette every time I have a glass of water overseas. I live in suburbia next to a Bed Bath and Beyond. I like to live dangerously.

Anyhow, I like to travel and I like thinking that if I can help one person in this world slack off at work then my day is complete. Enjoy reading the blog.