Sorry, no pictures here. What happens in Vegas … Not that anything crazy really happened. It’s just that we all promised to not have any cameras on us. A group of 9 guys, including myself, were in Vegas last weekend to send off one of my friends into the unknown world of hell. Just kidding, I’m sure marriage is great. Vegas can be too if you avoid some of these pitfalls I noticed last weekend:

1. Food – Don’t go with reputations anymore; do your own research. I think a lot has changed since the last time I went. There are new buildings sprouting up left and right, and there is now a legit Chinatown area. We headed to the Bellagio buffet for lunch, and I came away disappointed considering the cost. First off, they will charge extra for a group bigger than 5 to sit together. Second, for a buffet that costs over $30, it lacks a solid seafood selection (no sashimi, crabs, etc.). Last, you have a ton of choices! We also had dim sum in Chinatown, and honestly, it’s not bad. $10 is all you need per person there. So do your research and find good food. There are lots around. Don’t just stick to the name brands.

2. Transportation – Unless you have something already booked and worked out (signed papers), DO NOT book a limo to a strip club. They will promise you a package such as free ride to and back, cover, and 1 free drink for around $40 / person. Sounds great considering the cover is $30, right? Not so fast my friend. First off, you’re not getting that ride back. They’ve already dropped you off; they’re not going back unless you pay more. Calling them won’t do you any good, and their word that they’re coming isn’t worth the airwaves it came on. After waiting outside for 15 minutes, we realized that they weren’t coming and ended up taking a taxi. Funny thing was that there was another group of 9 guys behind us waiting for the same thing and ended up taking taxis too. They were obviously the lame versions of us. And really, those things aren’t that cool. Do you think showing up to a strip club in a limo will matter to anyone else there?

3. The Clubs – The moment you mention to the club managers that you’re in a bachelor party and there’s a large group of you, you’re going to get the shaft. That free drink doesn’t amount to much when you announce that you’re in a group of 9, because they’re going to force you to buy a $300 minimum drink table in order to sit together. Otherwise, you’re standing around without a seat with a lousy free drink ticket in your hand. Here’s what you do: take taxis there and line up to talk to the manager. Tell him that you want a table but that the $300+ you’re going to spend on drinks should include the cover. If you guys split that, it should be fine. Another way is to just split up, pay the cover and find your own seats. They know that a couple of guys won’t go there and pay $300 to sit down so they don’t charge them that mandatory table drink requirement. It’s all a game to take as much money from you as possible, and it’s your job to take as much as you can without paying for it. Ah.. Vegas…

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