If you are still going to Europe on vacation (despite the sagging Dollar), you know that there are many options on transportation. One of the great benefits on traveling in Europe are the smaller regional airlines. However, you can’t just go on Orbitz and book all your flights there, so the trick is to figure out how they work. Here are some tips on using the European regional airlines:

www.worldairroutes.com Shephard.co.uk

1. Only the fares are small – and the extra fees are most likely not. Remember that commercial where the flight attendant tells the passengers the fee for using the button to call her, and the passenger had to insert a quarter into the chair in front of him to use the tray? Well, it might not be that extreme but don’t be surprised at the fees these airlines charge – especially for luggage. If you’re intending on bringing anymore more than a small carry-on, expect a hefty fee for checking something in. Travel as light as possible on these flights and don’t expect a meal and a movie.

2. Book your fares well in advance – despite the numerous flights, you’re not going to find a bargain if you just show up at the airport. Unlike trains or buses, the prices of these tickets fluctuate and becomes much closer to the price of a ticket on a normal carrier as the date of the flight approaches. They probably have to do this to make up for what they’re charging for the tickets booked well in advance. Another obstacle is that you can only book online or over the telephone with many of these airlines, so showing up at the airport won’t help you much. A tip: always book online to avoid booking fees over the phone.

3. Etc. – Don’t forget the airport taxes. Lockers at the airports are a good way to lighten the load, so check into those. Check where the airport is in relation to where you’re going as some regional airlines list a city as the destination, but it’s only the closest known city. Add up all the fees and compare it to a conventional airline. Here’s a list of European airlines, large and small.

Bon Voyage!

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