To say the least, I wasn’t impressed by the capitol of Poland – Warsaw. Its a very big, metropolitan city with lots of lots of people and lots of cafes. Some notable observations given the limited number of worthwhile ‘sites’ I came across..

1. City center clock tower. This was really the highlight of Warsaw. I swear my buddy and I took 20 pictures out of the tower (out of a total ~80 shots of Warsaw). We didn’t even go in, but it was a cool site to have large modern skyscrapers in the background with an old school clock tower right smack in the middle.

2. Gnats. Yes, I hate these so called various small, flying insects that usually approach in the formation of a swarm. There was a specific ‘neighborhood’ of Poland where I encountered these hostile insects everywhere. I take it was because of a lake nearby..and I think this was a part of ‘old’ Warsaw. Very annoying to say the least.

3. A Capitol isn’t always grand. Yeah, I said it. And if you’re Polish, this is in no way intended to make any offense. I just wasn’t that impressed in comparison to the rest of the European countries I visited. Perhaps, I saw all the wrong things? Or didn’t give it any chance? I honestly think the highlight was the ‘ghost’ lady I encountered at our hostel, Okie Dokie (which was staffed by very pleasant ppl). But I’ll save the ghost lady story for another post.

Overwhelming or Underwhelming? You decide:

Click here for Warsaw’s Official Travel Webportal and the Official Website of the City of Warsaw.

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