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I’m headed to New Orleans this weekend with the BF for a little anniversary-ing. It took us a while to figure out what city we wanted to celebrate in (not surprisingly, we don’t do gifts… we do travel!) and one of our “musts” was that we wanted to eat good food. New Orleans, here our stomach comes!!!!!

Of course, we’re planning on doing some site-seeing to help our stomachs digest. Apparently, there is SO much to DO and SEE in New Orleans. I’m excited beyond belief!

Where to start? Wikitravel has a really great summary article about New Orleans that gives a nice breakdown of the neighborhoods, regional cuisine, things to do, and festivals. I’d recommend just reading about the neighborhoods and food. I’ve added the food list to my PDA (be green and save paper!) so I can be sure what to eat.

Starting off from Wikitravel’s page, I’ve come up with a few things I may want to do while I’m in NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana)

Things to do in New Orleans:

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1. Walking Tour: It sounds so cheesey and lame, but walking tours can be SO MUCH FUN. If you can find the right company and get the right leader, you may be pleasently surprised what you can learn on a walking tour. Luckily for me, a lot of the walking tours offers some fun themed tours. Haunted History Tours has some night VooDoo tours and Cemetery tours ($20 adult). Magic Tours offers Ghost tours and swear (on their website) that all tours are historically accurate and lead by Professors, Journalists, and Historians ($18 adult). The National Park Service (NPS)’s French Quarter Walking Tour doesn’t offer tours about Vampires, but it is FREE! That’s good for me.

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2. Cooking Class: We’re considering taking a cooking class during the mid-day, since the weather forecast looks like it’ll be a rainy and/or 90 degree day. The BF loves gumbo and jambalaya, so I figure it’s a good way for him to learn and cook it for me! In two and a half hours, New Orleans School of Cooking (1-800-237-4841) teaches you to cook a 3 course meal for $27. Don’t worry, you can eat it after! For $25, Cookin’ Cajun (504-523-6425) also teaches a three course dinner of Crawfish Pie, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, and Praline Pie. Tasty! New Orleans Cooking Experience (504-945-9104) starts off at $150 and the courses seem a lot more extensive and time consuming for a long weekend, but perhaps it’s better for someone into the culinary arts. Other schools: Savvy Gourmet (504-895-2665). Culinaria (504-561-8284). Louisiana Heritage Cafe and School of Cooking.

(image via Cajun Pride Swamp Tour)

3. Swamp Tours: hahahahhahahaha! I laugh just thinking about taking a swamp tour. I can’t waiiiiiit. I want to see some ‘gators! Samantha Brown took a High Speed Air Boat Swamp tour with Cajun Style Tour. Just for the sheer fact that this guy was petting an alligator like a fluffy big-eyed puppy makes me wanna meet him myself. Heck, for $24 (if you get yourself there, $42 if you need a ride) why not? Cajun Pride Swamp Tours offers a variety of air boat or tour boat tours that start at $94. If you want to make it crawfish boil, they cater too! If you want to skip the airboats and do a covered boat tour, you can go with Honey Island Tour which takes you just 5 miles from the Mississippi border.

Can’t wait!

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