I got a great budget tip from Wearie this week

“I discovered this week in Atlanta that due to high gas prices, it is actually cheaper to NOT fill up your rental car’s gas when you return your car. Hertz gas rate for returned rentals is 5 cents or so cheaper than gas rates at your local pump. Anyway, thought that was cool b/c I used to always fill up at the pump before returning b/c the rental company’s gas rates were ridiculously high. Guess it’s not so high afterall! saves time and money :)”

I did a little bit of research and it turns out that Hertz changed their new refueling policy that can be more cost efficient to the customer! WHOOOOAAAAA…  According to DallasNew.com and the Economist, starting July 1,2008, if you don’t have time to refuel, it’ll cost you $6.99 service fee + market price of a gallon of gas. It use to be a $7.99 service fee. That saves you enough money to buy a free sugar packet, but it’s the thought that counts. However, if you agree to pay for a full tank of gas in advance at pick up, then you’ll get a small discount of approximately 15 cent per gallon instead of paying the premium.

Turns out that this might even spread to other rental companies too.

Whoa. Kudos to Hertz for being more customer friendly. Are you guys going to waive the car insurance fees too? HA. A girl can only wish. I’ll take what I can get and my free pack of sugar. WOO!

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