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Save your quarters everyone! With all these new airline fee announcements, you might want to save your change in case the airlines decide to start charging for toilet use. Tokens anyone?

To help you keep track of all the new airline changes, check out the following:

American Airlines:


  • $5 alcoholic drinks
  • $25 for second checked bag
  • $25 for same day flight changes (within 24 hours)


  • $100 Flight Domestic Changes, $200 for International

Jet Blue:

  • $5 for pillow and blanket set
  • $100 flight fee changes
  • $15 additional fee for tickets purchased over the phone, ticket counter, and airport.

Northwest Airlines:

  • $15 for first checked bag, $25 for second
  • $150 fee for flight changes


  • $0 for up to 2 checked bags, free drinks, free flight changes!

United Airlines:

  • $15 for first checked bags
  • $14 for extra legroom
  • $3 snacks, $5 hot meals on longer flights
  • $150 fee for flight changes
  • $75 fee for confirming an earlier flight

US Airways:

  • $2 for soda, juice, bottled water. $1 for tea and coffee. Alcoholic drinks increased from $5 to $7.
  • $5 for meals
  • $150 fee for flight changes

Virgin America:

  • $25 for second checked bag (first is free)
  • $75 for flight changes

Sources and Additional reading:
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