I’m actually a huge fan of audio tours. I use to think it was such a dorky thing to do, but it really beats staggering behind a boring long-winded monotoned tourguide or being completely confused with why some gwady building is so important. So, audio tours? AWESOME!

A few audio tour options

1. Check with the organization/front desk: Lots of museums and historical sites have audio tours and usually range from free to $10. Also, visit their website ahead of time. Traditionally, they give you a headset and remote, but now many museums offer ways to download the podcast ahead of time. Going to New York City’s Museum of Modern Art? Download their audio tour and listen to it on your ipod! Visiting Los Angeles? Check out DowntownLAWalks and take an International Walking Tour!

2. Google a podcast: A new-ish trend in the travel industry today is podcasting audio tours. Many websites are dedicated to providing audio podcasts for free or a small fee. Just download it to your ipod and take it with you to where ever you’re going. Rick Steves has a series (gotta buy it off iTunes) for Europe. AudioSnacks.com lets you download podcasts (for a fee) made by other members or you can make one too! CityStoryWalks.com guides you through San Francisco. StrollSanFrancisco.com offers 33 different tours depending on which area you want to explore!

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