3 restaurants to try in Birmingham Alabama.

1. Niki’s – mmmm fried chicken. cafeteria style. when I asked my driver where I could get good southern food, he said, “dem blacks call it soul food”. wtf??

fried okra and their cafeteria line (source)

2. Dreamland (http://www.dreamlandbbq.com/)- Their slogan reads: “Ain’t nothing like’ em nowhere”. Another recommendation by my driver for excellent BBQ. You can even order their delicious sauces and slabs of ribs online.

3. Satterfields (http://www.satterfieldsrestaurant.com/) – The only place I actually ate at. Great fried oysters (pictured below from their website). This is definitely a super fancy place and not the place to go if you’re looking for some good ol’ “soul food”.

Happy chowing.

Useful Links:
Alabama Tourism Department Website

Alabama State Website

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