My girl friends and I just came back from an AWESOME girls trip. I’ve been on a few of them now, since I use to live an hour’s plane ride away, so I’ve accumulated TONS of ideas.

I’m more of a spontaneous kind of gal, but I have to admit that some planning is required to ensure that you can do everything you want.

A few ideas for a great girls trip in Las Vegas:

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1. Spurge for a nice hotel room: Sure, you can stay at the Imperial Palace for cheaper than cheap, but why not splurge for a nice hotel that actually provides you with decent body wash? The big hotels on the strip may seem too expensive, but it can be affordable if you do a little internet bargain shopping and split it amongst a few girl friends. Not only that, hotel guests get access to the hotel’s awesome pools (Mandalay Bay) and pool parties (Tao Beach at the Venetian -arrive early just to get your wrist band and sleep by the pool). After a night of heavy partying, a day of relaxation at the beach is the only way to go.

2. Talk to people about parties:

VIP passes or free admissions passes are not that hard to get. Sometimes they’ll hand some to you just walking through the casino… sometimes it’s who you talk to.

  • Taxi drivers are great people to know. My girl friend struck up a conversation with a taxi driver and was able to snag free VIP passes to nightclubs in Vegas Pure at Caesar’s Palace, Tao at the Venetian, and Jet at the Mirage.
  • Bartenders inside the hotels also know a lot of people in the industry. Some of the most important people they know are the bouncers who control the lines. Strike up a conversation early in the night when it’s dead and maybe they”ll tell you who you need to know.
  • Promoters in Vegas are extremely aggressive. Just walking down the strip, we were stopped multiple times by marketing club promoters who wanted to bring in a great-looking guest list. All you have to do is give them your cell number and they’ll meet you outside and walk you into the club.
  • Bouncers. If you’re a large group of girls, talk to them and skip the line completely.

3. Spa days: After two nights of heavy partying, we spent Sunday afternoon lounging at THEhotel‘s spa, Bathhouse. For $30, we had access to 3 different temperatured pools, steam room, dry sauna, waterfall showers, personal tubs, and quiet rooms. They also have full spa-services like massages, but we opted to just hang out together and gossip about boys. But if you and your gfs are comfortable with each other, check out a couples massage. Sometimes it’s cheaper split between two.

4. Shows: In my opinion, if you’ve seen one Cirque du Soleil show, you’ve seen them all. There are lots of them too. O at the Bellagio, KA at the MGM Grand, Zumanity at New York-NY Casino and Hotel , the Beatles LOVE at the Mirage, and the zillion other shows that would have opened by the time I finish writing this sentence. But check one out and after that go see something else. Mama Mia is at Mandalay Bay. Elton John and Cher are both at Caesar’s Palace. Magic Shows, Burlesque Shows, Thunder From Down Under, PussyCat Dolls, aging singers from the 80s… do one show just to say you’ve seen a show.

5. Shopping: It’s everywhere. If you don’t lose at the tables, you’ll lose it in a store. Fashion Show Mall, Caesar’s Forum Shops, Desert Passage Aladdin, Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, Luxary Shopping at the Bellagio, Palazzo Vegas Shoppes, etc, etc! My gfs typically make one big purchase everytime they’re in Vegas. Makes for a great story and a great gift to youself!

6. Eats: We agreed that we wanted to have one really nice (re: expensive) meal with each other that weekend. So I looked through for some ideas. Many of the best chefs in the world have restaurants in Vegas, including Michael Minna, Alessandro Stratta, Daniel Boulud, and Joël Robuchon. Most of these restuarants will put a HUGE dent into your wallet, but IMHO I think a great dining experience is worth it.

But don’t just stick to the expensive places! Since we spent too much money for very mediocre sushi at Yellowtail at the Bellagio and we had to cancel our reservations at Bouchon, we opted for a cheap meal and made it fun! We headed to Ellis Island for some old time Vegas dinner deals. For $12.99 we got a ranch soup salad and a Prime Rib dinner. Not the best quality, but between old red booths, sour cream in a tube, and background sound of slot machines, we had a great time.