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Remember them? Travel agents? Those people who use to book all our travel plans before the internet declared them obsolete? Yah, them.

The BF and I are heading to Hong Kong and Vietnam in a couple of months! We searched through every travel site that we knew of (and we’re normally really good at finding travel deals) and at the end we discovered that going through travel agents saved us a few HUNDREDS of dollars.

Here are some tips for booking airplane tickets:

1. Going to Asia: The price of a domestic flights are pretty rough these days. But if you’re traveling to Asia, contact a travel agent! Many Asian-based airline carriers offer a limited number of special deals for travel agencies. Our peak season December tickets to Hong Kong was quoted at  $1,450 pp online, but we picked up tickets for $1,100 through a travel agent. Another tip would be to contact an Asian agency that typically specializes with Asian customers.

2. Go with local (to your destination) travel agencies: In-country travel agents also offer deals to near-by countries for a much cheaper price than if you were to book from the US. We went through Viva Macau, a local Macau airline, and booked flights from Macau (which is one hour away from HK) to Vietnam for $190r/t including all taxes and fees. It’s a good idea to always contact a local agency for local deals, even domestic destinations, like Hawaii. Hawaiian travel agents might be able to offer you a better deal if you’re island-hopping or ATV riding.


For readers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we went with Oscar Tours in Fremont and were incredibly satisfied with their customer service and what they were able to find for us. Highly recommended.

Oscar Tours

46873 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 226-9992

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