On our 10 hour drive toward Niagara Falls, The BF was telling me about the best road trip meal he ever had in Arizona at this chain restaurant called Cracker Barrel. THEN, fifteen minutes later, we SAW one. It was as if the travel gods were on our side. That is until we got pulled over for speeding! Still, we had to stop off at Cracker Barrel, which, I think, is usually located in more remote-middle-of-no-where-locations. It was a really cute place and I highly recommend all roadtrippers to stop and get some very tasty American/ Southern food!

Things to note when visiting Cracker Barrel:

1. Eats: Must must MUST try the fried chicken. OMG, I think it was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. I also really enjoyed the turnip greens and carrots. I like this place so much that I’m renting a car and driving an hour out to the middle of no where to eat here again!

2. Store: Random… very random, but there are some very nice rocking chairs that you can buy.

3. Locations: They really are in the most random places. If you’re doing a long roadtrip, you can plug in your route into your website and they’ll find places on the way!

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