Happy Friday to all! Wanderaahh is trekking through western Virginia at the moment and will be there until Sunday. I’m expecting great pictures as always.

  • Air Canada is bucking the trend and eliminating the $25 second baggage check-in fee. However, United‘s second baggage check-in fee has increased to $50.
  • Bank failures have dominated the news recently and rightfully so. Budget Travel looks at how to get a refund when an airline goes under.
  • Consolidation continues in the airlines industry as Northwest and Delta has agreed to merge, which will undoubtedly lead to less routes/capacity and increased fees.
  • The new Smithsonian Ocean Hall will open tomorrow, and I’m sure that we here at Wanderus will visit it soon (probably next week).
  • And finally, deals, deals and more deals to Las Vegas. Offers expire soon.