The other day I met up with The BF for lunch and ended up spending a GORGEOUS day trekking to the eastern side of the National Mall. The bluest sky was filled with the fluffiest white clouds. The perfect backdrop for the LONG walk around the mall.

I looooOOOOove museums, but visiting museums can be really tiring! Since there are SO many in DC, I would never try to do all the Smithsonian museums on the National Mall in one day. Instead, break them up! Spend a few hours dedicated to the museums. I promise you’ll see a lot more at an easier pace.

Heading east, I started off at the National Gallery of Art, stopped off to rest at the lawns of Capital Hill, and finished at the US Botanic Gardens.

1. National Gallery of Art: The beautiful thing with the Smithsonians is that most of them are free! I randomly walked by this one and saw an Afghanistan jewelry exhibit and decided to stop by! Admittedly, I felt that this museum could’ve used its space better. There’s something about the lighting, the curator’s art placement decisions, and the space that makes you feel like it’s the most unexciting place ever. BUT they do have a lot of really good modern art pieces from Giacometti and Litchenstein! Definitely worth checking out.

2. Capitol Hill: Exhusted, I headed to Capitol Hill to lounge on the lawn and take in the sun. I stopped off at a food vendor and picked up some ice cream. You can’t actually go IN to Capitol Hill, but you are definitely allowed to take pictures in the front. From the front of the lawn, you can take a picture of the whole mall.

3. US Botanic Gardens: After getting slightly toasted from the sun, I decided to head home. I didn’t get very far before I hit the US Botanic Gardens and decided to head in. Surprisingly, I LOVED the gardens! It has tons of beautiful blooming flowers and even has an educational kids garden. loved it!

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