Reader, new friend, and, hopefully, new Wanderus blogger, Sevenohthrillaz, sent me this really funny post he wrote about being a business traveler…

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The only comfort in the growing trend of Starbucks in every city is that a light caramel latte is made the same whether you are in a big city like Washington, DC, or the Biggest Little City like Reno, Nevada.

Now if you’re in Cumberland, Maryland your assed out. According to a very close friend, there is not enough college educated people per capita to warrant building one. This small town of a little more than 22,000 people in beautiful western Maryland doesn’t have one single Starbucks, but it does boast one biggest Super Wal-Mart’s in the state.

Anyway, I generally regard the website Yelp! and the combination of the Google Maps on my iPhone to find those out-of-the-way restaurants, cafes, and furniture stores in any North American city I may find myself in these days.

Rules of the Road:
1) Always try something once
2) Do your research
3) If it’s not to your liking, do not hesistate to change your current situation
4) Learn from your mistakes
5) Always have an exit strategy

I try to apply some of these rules to some of my recent visits. In particular to my most recent stay at a “resort” named the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. Reno has no shortage of Starbucks. In fact, the lobby of the Grand Sierra Resort even has a pretty nifty Starbucks in it’s lobby that’s perfectly situated near the exit for the parking lot. Now if the rooms at the Grand Sierra Resort were as comforting as the light caramel latte, then we’d be in business…

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