My blogger friend, Koadbride, recently suggested a bunch of places for me to explore when I make my way out to Boston, Massachusetts.

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Places to see in Boston:

1. Sporting events: [Boston’s] the hottest spot right now what with the Red Sox and Celtics and. . .well the Patriots aren’t that close, but them too! A Red Sox game would be the best thing for you to do. . .but I don’t think they’ll be playing [in Nov]. Maybe a Celtics or Bruins game? Those are fun.

2. Eat Italian food in the North End:

  • Cibos is a good not too expensive restaurant
  • Giacomos doesn’t take reservations and that place is pretty good.

3. The South End: The South End is pretty cool and would be a nice place to visit for people from out of town. It has nice funky restaurants and cafes. It’s known as NYC’s Chelsea-ish equivalent.

4. Harbor: The harbor area is pretty nice along the Boston Harbor hotel and the Aquarium. You could take a walk around there, although it might be pretty cold.

5. Pru: Definitely go to the top of the Pru (Prudential building) and have a drink. You have a great view of the city from up there. There’s a mall in that building if you want to shop.

6. Newbury Street: Newbury Street is nearby and a nice street to walk along/eat/shop. Tealux is a great place to grab a cup of tea and chill out at along Newbury.

7. Charles River: A walk along the Charles River could be nice if it’s not too cold. Very pretty.

Thanks for all the great tips Koadbride!

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