We’re back from Philly! Actually, we were back last week, but I had just WAAAAY too many pictures to filter through. The BF and I had a surprisingly fun weekend! I only say surprising because we really didn’t have any expectations of what our trip was going to be like. The last few trips we’ve taken (Niagara Falls, driving through Pennsylvania) have been extremely underwhelming… seriously, driving by 10 hours of corn fields is as fun as plucking every single leg hair with a pair of dull tweezers WHILE watching FOX News.

Anyhow, Philly was fun! We decided to take things at a slow pace and explore neighborhoods. It’s a very walkable city!

I’ve been to quite a few cities on the East coast and I’ve come to realize that people REALLY love their old colonial brick homes, cobble stone streets, and placing placards on every single place George Washington, T. Jefferson, or any one on American money ate at. Exciting? Hardly. But, being a good American, I always visit these places… they make good Xmas cards! I kid.

Historical & family friendly places to visit in Philadelphia:

1. Liberty Bell and Independence Hall: On the weekends, there’s a long line that’s queued up outside of the Liberty Bell Center, where (duh) the Liberty Bell is on display. But, it’s moves as quickly as my hand to a bowl of Cheetos… which… is… FAST. Plus, it’s free! Independence Hall is right across the street and it’s free as well.

2. Franklin Square: Just a few blocks from Independence Hall, the newly re-constructed Franklin Square has been reconstructed and created into a family fun area. With a merry-go-round and a miniature golf course, it’s a great place to enjoy with your family. It’s not the biggest of parks, nor is it super exciting, but it’s a site of historical significance…which, I won’t even begin to pretend that I know. So, read it here.

3. Museums on Ben Franklin Parkway: Ben Franklin Parkway houses a long row of museums. From a large Rodin Museum to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to The Franklin Institute of Science and the Academy of Natural Sciences. The BF and I took a nice stroll (re: lost) starting at Logan Square and went up Ben Franklin Parkway and ended up at the Museum of Art’s famous steps, otherwise known as Rocky Steps. Yep, our intentions really weren’t to get cultured at all the great museums, but to run up reenacting Stallone’s famous glut-buster. We did try to go into the Franklin Institute of Science to see a large pirate exhibit, but it cost $22! Since The BF and I are spoiled from all the free Smithsonians in DC, we just really didn’t feel up to it. (do you guys hear the birds? *cheap cheap cheap*)

Additional Resources:
1. The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Website

2. Independence Visitor’s Center

3. The Best Things to do in Philadephia, PA

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