I LOVE walkable cities. No seriously, I think it’s the best way to get to know a city and all it’s little neighborhoods. So one of the coolest things about Philadelphia is that it is extremely walkable and each neighborhood is unique and different. So after eating a massive cheesesteak, I was actually looking forward to walking around and justifying the 23,890,329,402 calories I ate… before noon. At the very least, I had to find dessert, right?

Walking around South Street, Olde City, and Market East:

1. South Street: We were randomly meandering through the streets that we happened across South Street. We actually didn’t even realize that South Street existed! We were just walking and started stumbling across cute stores, like the Curiosity Shoppe, Jinxed Clothing and AWESOME vintage stores, like Bella Boutique. The street also has a lot of great bars and stores. Be forwarned that you might be weaving through groups of squealing high schoolers and newly crowned drinking college kids the later the night gets.

2. Olde City: The BF and I were looking to grab a drink but didn’t feel like talking over a rowdy crowd, so we headed a few blocks up and ended up in Olde City for a drink at the lounges. The crowd was slightly older (25+) and tamer and perfect for us. Buddakan and a bunch of other trendy restaurants reside here. Definitely a great area for girls night out.

3. Market East: We actually only went to Reading Terminal Market in Market East. It was a great and clean place to pick up some fresh produce and test out some of Philly’s food: cheesesteaks, cookies, Bassett’s ice cream (America’s oldest ice cream company) , and great people watching.

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