Recently, I stayed at aloft, which is is one of the newest of the Starwood hotel brand. I absolutely adored this place. For a really reasonable price, $108 a night, we got to stay at this uber chic and modern hotel. It had a full bar downstairs and, of course, geometric shapes hanging from the walls. Don’t get me wrong, aloft is definitely not the W, but for a budget hotel, it was excellent.

Reasons I really enjoyed my stay at the aloft Hotel:

1. A Chic Modern Budget Hotel: No seriously, “chic” and “budget” in the same sentence? Yeah! It’s starting to be a trend with budget hotels these days. Even Motel 6 is starting to give its motels a face lift. aloft definitely offered the budget prices and maintained the chic modern feel of the their expensive older sister, the W hotels. We’ve stayed at more expensive (in comparison) Sheraton’s that was completely shitty in rooms and service (ahem-Niagara Falls, ON). It’s pretty obvious that they have to cut corners to keep the prices so low, though. There are online kiosks for room check ins (in addition to face to face front desk service) and shampoo and soap dispensers in the shower (what is this? the YMCA?). BUT all the rooms have HD TV flat screens and free Bliss body products. WOO!

2. Nice Rooms: The rooms are nice for what I paid for it. Hell, the room was so nice, I even thought I paid more. I still couldn’t get over the shampoo and soap pump dispensers in the shower, but eh, whatever. My hair is clean.

3. Professional service: Everyone was really nice and, honestly, it makes a world of difference. I got my room charges/receipt slipped underneath the door in the morning and the housekeeping was super friendly.

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