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I drink water like a camel (so says The BF). No seriously, I always tell my travel buddies that whenever I say: “I’m thirsty”, it really means, “let’s stop and get me hydrated or I’m going to unleash bloody hell on life and then stop and then my head will explode.” SO, it’s very important that I’m always hydrated.  Because of my “drinking” habits, I always travel with my Sigg waterbottle!

Reasons I heart my Sigg:

1. Green: Siggs are eco-friendly, reuseable, and recyclable water bottles that are extremely durable.

2. Health: I get really worried about plastic contaminates leaking into the water in plastic water bottles. SO the best part of this water bottle? I can leave it in a hot parked car and come back and still drink!

3. Save Money: I’m always stopping to buy water bottles. For an average of $2 for a bottle of water or other liquids, I can easily spend $10-20 (seriously!) a day when I travel just for water. Granted, in some countries, it’s safer to drink water from a water bottle, but in the US, I can alway count on filling it up in a drinking fountain.

Granted, I once tried to put hot tea in it and it was NOT a good idea. Talk about carrying around a hot potato made of metal! Other than that, I really love it!

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