Despite it’s horrendous weather, London is probably one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s very easy and boring to do the touristy things there so I always make it my goal to hang out in London as if I already live there. Lucky for me, I have some great friends to make that easy for me. Here’s 3 must do/gos on a trip.

1. Fulham match


ok so I’m actually an Arsenal fan, but tickets to the Arsenal game was over 200 pounds so I had to settle for the crappy Fulham game that resulted in a nil-nil score. If you ever go to London, I HIGHLY recommend going to an Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Fulham match. It is so fun!! So much chanting, screaming, cheering – I have never attended a sports game so entertaining and with fans so enthusiastic.

2. Nandos


If you’re on a budget and you want delicious chicken from South Africa, Nandos is a MUST. Their Peri-Peri sauce is amazing. I’m drooling just thinking about it. It’s a chain so no matter where you stay, there will probably be a Nandos nearby.

3. Kensington Roof Gardens


I LOVE this club! I have never been to a more beautiful and more fun club in London. The best time to go is during the summer, where the club has 3 bars set up in the garden. The garden is 1.5 acres on the roof of the building and is modeled after the Alhambra garden in Spain, the English Woodland garden and the Tudor garden. They used to have real flamingos up there, until some stupid drunk kids threw a flamingo off the roof (true story!) The nightclub itself has a great indoor dance and bottle service area as well. However, like all fantastic places in London, it comes with a hefty price. Not only is it a members only club, but there is a 25 quid cover charge even after getting on the list, a horribly long line and a very selective door policy. My recommendation? Either know a member, know a friend that works at Virgin (it’s owned by them) or go to london parties and try to get on a guestlist from there. And no, being a hot girl in a hoochie dress won’t get you in without any of the above steps.

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