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This year, I decided not to go home for Thanksgiving. Mostly b/c it was going to be too expensive, but partly b/c Thanksgiving travel is a MAJOR HEADACHE. But if you do have to travel, it’s good to know a few tips to save you some time.

Tips to for Thanksgiving Travel:

Aerochannel.com: This day of flight service helps you figure out the travel time, traffic, parking, check-in, and security times for your travels.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has a list of things not to bring on planes, such as box cutters, swords, hockey sticks, ski poles, nunchukus, and blades. Dood, seriously? Use some common sense and don’t bring a loaded gun to an airport b/c you’ll definitely miss the turkey.

Packing: It’s good to know some packing tips to get through the security lines. Personally, I like to travel with easily removable shoes and belt-less. While waiting to get through the X-rays, be helpful and take out your laptop and remove your jacket. And, remember, liquids over 3oz are NOT allowed on the plane (with these exceptions). It’s incredibly annoying when someone is holding up the line by bitching. Look, man… just take out your change and do us all a favor and be thoughtful and efficient.

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