Apologies for the lack of posts lately. The times… they are tough. I haven’t been able to do too many trips lately since I’ve needed to save some money in case… you know… the economy crashes. But you know, that’s crazy talk, right?

Anyhow, as much as I tried to curtail the traveling, I couldn’t! This past week, my good friend from San Francisco decided to celebrate her birthday in NYC for a week… and so did I!!!!

Although, I made a very conscious attempt to do more budget activities and still enjoy my time out in NYC. SO… here goes! BUDGET NEW YORK CITY!

First up! Budget Broadway!

wicked(image source)

My friend and I really wanted to watch a show, but since 50% off tickets at TKTS would still set me back $60+ I couldn’t do it. So we decided to take our chances with the Lottery. The Lottery varies from show to show, but basically, you show up a few hours before the show, put your name into a bin, and hope they call your name half an hour later. If they do call your name, you get a front row (YES, FRONT ROW) discounted ticket for $20-$30.

As a result, we saw Avenue Q front row center for $21.50 and Wicked front row for $26.50. Yes. Envy me.

ave-q(image source)

Tips for winning the lottery tickets or rush tickets:

1. Be on time: You only have 30 minutes to put your name into the bin. So make sure you get there to hear them call out the names. No brainer, right? Apparently there ARE some people with no brains out there. Check the show’s website to see what time they draw names.

2. Bring your ID: No kidding. When I went, Wicked pulled 13 people names from the lotto bin and one person didn’t have his ID. Even with his credit card, he wasn’t allowed to buy his winning tickets. FORTUNATELY FOR ME, my name was the next one drawn for in his replacement! Sucka.

3. Cash only

4. Texture: I really hate to give this one away, but at Ave Q, my friend crumpled up her paper so that it would have more texture for the person to draw it. So simple, right? Right. Her name was the first one drawn.

610x(Speed the Plow: image source)

5. Student ID: Some shows actually don’t do lotteries. They only do student rush tickets. Which means students w/ school IDs can show up the day of the show and try to get tickets for under $30. Unfortunately for me, since I’m old as fart, I couldn’t watch August: Osage County , Equus, and Speed the Plow with a student discount. All plays that I really wanted to watch. Next time maybe!

6. Low Periods: A Broadway veteran that was running Wicked’s lottery told us that the best time to get tickets is the time between New Years and Valentines Day. No wonder, t’s colder than a snow cone in Antarctica then.

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