Since I simply can’t afford to buy extravagant Xmas gifts this year, I came up with a few ideas that incorporated some of my travel photos.

DYI Gift Ideas

1. Regional Cookbook: This year, my brother and I were fortunate enough to both visit Taiwan (separately). I got the great idea to find Taiwanese recipes and make my own cook book. It wasn’t the prettiest thing, but I’m inspired to try again at another time. It includes our favorite recipes, recipes for street food, and wallet-sized prints of pictures I took in Taiwan surrounding the recipes. Prints can be uploaded online and sent to Costco.

2. Framed Pictures: I went to Taiwan with my father. Since we rarely travel together, I took some of my favorite pictures and framed them. Am I the only one that’s usually too lazy to print out pictures?

3. Photo books: I think another wonderful idea is to make little photo books documenting travel pictures. I did so much traveling this year that it’d be a shame to just forget about them. Available at Snapfish.

Sorry I didn’t post this sooner, but some of these are actually my Xmas gifts and I couldn’t spoil the surprise!